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Ankle sprains

Ligamentous tears in the ankle are a common sporting phenomenon. They vary from minor tears that heal well within 10 days or so and need little attention, to the moderate and major tears where the stability of the joint may be disrupted and there is considerable pain and dysfunction. In severe sprains, the joint may also be damaged, with cartilage, synovial and connective tissue involvement. Usually, if you are unable to weightbear, there is a lot of swelling (especially if it appears quickly), then you should seek attention ASAP. See your doctor, your physiotherapist or go the hospital to determine whether you need imaging to assess the extent of damage and from there you can be directed down the appropriate path.

There are some instances where surgery will be required but most cases can be managed conservatively. Physio can help to restore normal movement in the early stages, exercises are graded to suit what you are able to do. As you improve, you will be able to start strengthening and retraining proprioception and balance. This is an essential part if rehabilitation in any joint injury (but especially ankles) as it helps to keep recurrence to a minimum. Whether you are returning to sport or work or just regular activities, your program will incorporate the specific components that you need.

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