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Chronic Pain

Chronic pain by definition is pain that has lasted for greater than 6 months. It can be constant, episodic, severe, minor or anywhere in between. It is often (but not always) associated with nerve damage, joint damage, unhealed fractures, conditions such as CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome). Pain is generally the body's warning message that something is wrong and that you should either cease what you are doing and/or seek help. Sometimes however, the wiring gets confused and even once the original cause of the pain is no longer there, the brain can still perceive pain in an area. In some cases, the pain is due to ongoing irritation of nerves (spinal injury or irritation is a common example). In short, you will need to (if you haven’t already) usually undergo a barrage of tests to identify or rule out causes first.

Once you have established that there is nothing that can be done to immediately address the problem, there are many approaches to dealing with chronic pain. Medication, meditation, exercise, massage, really the list is endless and you have to find out often by trial and error what works best for you. Physiotherapy can help with pain relieving techniques such as massage, dry needling, other manual therapy and exercise. Getting your core muscles working for you again and being able to then strengthen and do physical activity can be of great benefit in the management of pain.

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