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Plantar fasciosis/plantar fasciitis

The plantar fascia is a supportive band of connective tissue that helps to support the underside of your foot. It is almost always blamed for any foot pain in this area. Not without some cause for blame as it can indeed be a troublesome beast, however, there are also many other structures in, around and under your foot that can cause significant pain and dysfunction. Once again, it is a smart move to identify the offensive structure and then investigate why it is behaving in such a manner.

Common causes are tendinopathies of the intrinsic foot muscles, damage or tearing or breakdown in these tendons can cause considerable pain and dysfunction. Plantar fasciosis plus or minus heel spurs (the more updated name for plantar fasciitis) is very common. Early stages of these types of injury include pain and stiffness on movement first thing in the morning or after a sedentary period, progressing to pain after use, pain during use and then eventually pain all the time. The sooner intervention is started, usually the faster it resolves. Once chronic, it takes some time for the damaged tissue to regain its former elasticity and strength, and if the cause has not been addressed, it may well recur.

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