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Nerve pain

Nerve Pain can occur when the nerve is compressed or compromised by another structure. This can happen just about anywhere along the path of the nerve but is more commonly associated with spinal injuries. Firstly, it is necessary to consider whether the pain is from a musculoskeletal cause or whether there may be another medical underlying reason for it. It is then important to establish whether the source of pain is of nerve origin or from another structure that can refer pain. Muscles, joints etc can also refer pain but nerve pain tends to follow a particular path and is quite unique in nature. Burning, stabbing, well localised sharp pain, pins and needles, numbness and weakness or loss of coordination are all possible symptoms. You may require imaging to assess the severity of any damage following which a treatment plan can be decided upon. Many less severe injuries respond well to manual therapy and exercise therapy. More severe cases may require surgical intervention.

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