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Osteoarthritis is a term which inspires fear in many. It can be a severely debilitation condition of wear and tear effecting primarily the weightbearing joints of the body. The reality is that most of us, if we live long enough will have some signs of wear and tear in our joints. Many of us will be blissfully unaware of these changes unless we have an xray or some other imaging. For those with symptomatic OA, which may manifest with swelling, pain, heat then it is worth investigating the severity with imaging. In severe cases, surgery may be required, however, in many less severe cases conservative management is effective. Physiotherapy, using a combination of manual therapy techniques, can help to improve range of motion, reduce swelling and pain and with an exercise program, restore strength to the area. It is very important to assess the surrounding areas and improve on any biomechanical (movement pattern) faults that are present as these may be causing increased load in the symptomatic area.

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