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Shoulder injuries

Shoulder injuries are very prevalent these days across the age groups. We see many young sportspeople with shoulder pain due to muscle imbalance. There are a number of reasons why this may be occurring. It may be sports related specifically (swimming, throwing, acrobatics, gymnasts, tennis players to name a few) or it may be more posturally related to positioning at school, study, carrying twice their bodyweight in school gear every day to name a few possibilities!

The older generations are more predisposed to tendonopathy (degenerative tendon), tears and impingement as well as osteoarthritis.

Once again, the cause needs to be determined. A detailed history about the injury and the activities of the patient, a thorough examination and sometimes some radiographic testing to pinpoint the structures involved will be carried out. Once we have this information a treatment plan can be implemented. Some injuries will settle in a short timeframe, whereas other more chronic or serious injuries may require other intervention as well such as referral to specialist for steroid injection, surgery.

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