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What is the difference?? Well, "itis" means inflammation of, "opathy" from pathology means "diseased". Nasty word, but with a lot of time being put into research on tendon injuries over the last decade or two it is a much more accurate term. What we used to describe as tendinitis, is not really an inflammatory condition. There is often little inflammatory process going on in these sore tendons. What does happen, is that there is some insult to the structure either traumatic or load increase (which could be and increase or change in training habit etc), maybe a little swelling, and usually pain. At this stage if it is managed well it is reversible. If the process continues, the next stage is disrepair. The tendon attempts to heal itself but the structural integrity is compromised. If this continues further the tendon becomes degenerative and is at risk of rupture.

Obviously the best answer is to manage it well in the earlier stages. Young athletes often have reactive tendinopathies that can be well managed by correction of biomechanical faults that cause overload of the tendons and by managing their training load.

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