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Do I need a Referral?

No, physiotherapists are first order practitioners so you do not need a referral….UNLESS you are claiming workcover in which case you must be referred and always covered by a medical certificate, VETERANS require a yearly medical certificate and INSURANCE claims also generally require a medical referral.

What will the physiotherapist do?

A detailed history of why you are there will be taken, you will have a physical examination. The physiotherapist will use this information to make a diagnosis and design a treatment program that suits you. A range of techniques may be used including manual therapy (mobilization, manipulation), massage techniques, dry needling, electrotherapy, (ultrasound etc) exercises.

Will it hurt?

Cue for evil laugh….Usually no, it does not have to hurt. Despite our bad reputation for inflicting pain and enjoying it, our aim is to examine you as painlessly as possible and to treat as comfortably as possible. There are some instances for example, deep tissue or scar massage/mobilization that do hurt to varying degrees BUT if something is likely to hurt, your physio will tell you in advance. You also should ALWAYS speak up of something is painful. IF the pain that you report is assessed to be within the normal and expected realms the physio will tell you but please do not suffer in silence as it may not be beneficial for you or your treatment.

Do I need to bring anything?

If you have any relevant xrays, scans or other reports, it would be beneficial to bring them with you.

Do you see Workcover, Vet affairs and Insurance patients?

Yes we do.

Do you have cancellation policy?

Yes we do require at least 4 hours notice if you not able to make your appointment. This enables us to use that time to treat someone else who requires it. 50% of the booked consultation fee may be charged if you fail to comply.

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