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Headaches are quite literally a pain in the neck (and head obviously). They are also of varying origin. Some headaches arise from the cervical spine (neck area) and can be caused by joint, nerve or muscle referral. Some people experience other symptoms alongside their headaches, such as visual disturbance, tinnitus, dizziness, nausea. These symptoms can be quite disturbing and may warrant further investigation in some circumstances. Your physiotherapist will be able to determine whether you need to be referred for testing or review by another medical professional.

There are many support groups now and this is often a good place to get some ideas as to various management strategies that other people have found useful. These include medication, acupuncture, massage, exercise therapy, hydrotherapy, meditation, pilates, yoga, dietary changes and many more. Physiotherapy can be useful in a number of cases and certainly particularly where a number of these services are provided.

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