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Patello femoral pain

Patello femoral pain is often also referred to as maltracking, condromalacia patellae but essentially is any pain associated with the patello-femoral joint and its surrounds. Often any pain in the front of the knee is attributed the tag whether justified or not. Commonly the patella (kneecap) can be adversely effected by muscle imbalance or biomechanical fault anywhere through the lower limb (hip to foot). This can cause inflammation/pain/swelling in the front of the knee/under the patella/around the patella etc. Like everything else it is really important to ascertain the cause of the problem in order to prevent recurrence. It may be due to instability in the hip, foot (structural or biomechanical fault), thigh musculature that is leading to abnormal forces to be taken up in the knee. It can also be exacerbated by growth (adolescence), age and conditioning. In severe cases, there can be structural anomalies within the bone structure that can predispose a person to developing these types of injuries and these can generally be identified by plain x-ray.

Physiotherapists are well placed to locate the cause and help you to correct the problem usually with a combination of manual therapy, exercise and education.

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