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Ligament sprains or tears (same thing) are generally graded. There are several grading systems but basically a grade one is minor, usually heals quickly and the ligament remains intact and fully functional. A grade 2 ranges from anything greater than a 1 to a full rupture (grade 3). Obviously the time frame for repair is greater as the body has to produce scar tissue to try to bridge the torn tissue. During this time it may be necessary to immobilize the joint or part thereof to encourage this process and to ensure that the ligament heals in a viable manner. During this time, there are many exercises that can by done to maintain fitness, strength and to retrain the proprioception of the joint. It is also important to ensure as normal function as possible in surrounding areas.

This is where physiotherapy is useful. We can diagnose the sprain via various testing, advise the grade and set up an appropriate treatment plan to ensure the best possible outcome. In the event of full ruptures, often an orthopaedic review will be sought to assess whether surgery is required.

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